What Are The Recommended Wedge Wire Filter Used For Various Industries?

 August 18, 2017
wedge wire for various industry
  August 18, 2017

Wedge wire filter is considered as one of the most dependable products when it comes to filtration and have been used in various industrial processes. Many industries depend on the filters not only due to the material grade but also with precision in filtering and longer life making them the best ROI for any industry. Below are some of the wedge wire filters used in various industrial applications.

Wedge Wire Filter for Food and Beverage Industry

The use of wedge wire screens in the food industry varies depending on what type of food or beverage the company is manufacturing. When looking for wedge wire filters, however, there are some similar components that each industry looks for including the ability to withstand pressure, efficient extraction and filtration, non-clogging capability and easy maintenance. Slotted wedge wire screens are preferred for the food industry as the precise gap sizes allow for uniform passing of food products. Bigger products are left above the surface profile which can then be removed easily reducing clogging and efficiency in the workplace.

For the beverage industry, wedge wire tube cylinders are ideal as these separate the solids from the liquid materials. The spiral design of the screen ensures that all juices are pressed out of the produce without the solids entering the filtration. Hebei HighTop makes use of advanced technology to ensure the slots of welded wire screens are uniform and accurate. Customized design and measurements are also available to meet each customer’s requirements.

wedge wire for food

Slotted tubes are ideal for the industry because of its specification. Slotted tubes come in four different styles. Radial Slot Special is designed with the filtration process starting from the inside then passing outside the tube. The profiles in the widest area are welded together with the farther end of the bar for inside support. A support bar holds the bars together and adds more support.

The Radial Slot Standard on the other hand works in reversal mode. Where the Special works in an inside to outside filtration, the standard works from outside to the inside filtration process. The design is the same as the Special slot tube with the surface profile welded to the outermost part of the inside support bar. With the Axial Slot, the profiles are not welded together to produce a smooth surface, but rather with one another to form a spiral design with each profile welded to the support wire. The inside area of the tube is smooth.

Reinforced cylinders and tubes are also available and recommended especially for industries that have high levels of pressure to ensure that the screens are reinforced and stable during the production. Internal and external flow may also be applicable with the cylinder and tube.

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