wedge wire filter for water well

Stainless Steel Profile Wire Well Screen for Water Well

HighTop stainless steel profile wire well screen are preferred when it comes to the water well industry due to its excellent build, durability and […]

wedge wire for architecture and decorative

Wedge Wire for Architecture and Decorative

Hebei HighTop is China’s leading manufacturer for customized screens made from stainless steel materials. Stainless steels are not only popular because of their durability, […]

wedge wire for mining and mineral

Wedge Wire for Mining and Mineral

Wedge Wire for Mining & Mineral Hebei HighTop provides wedge wire screens for all mining and mineral processing applications. We have a team committed to […]

slot tube for oil and gas

Wedge Wire for Oil and Gas

Wedge Wire for Oil & Gas The oil and gas industry is one of the most lucrative but also the riskiest as the deeper […]

wedge wire for chemistry

Wedge Wire for Chemistry

Wedge Wire for Chemistry Hebei HighTop is a global player when it comes to the chemistry industry. Our wedge wire screens are made from imported […]

Wedge Wire for Pulp and Paper

Wedge Wire for Pulp & Paper Making Efficient separation of solid particles from liquids is one of the main concern in the Pulp/Paper industry. […]

wedge wire filter for river

Wedge Wire for Water Treatment

Wedge Wire for Water Treatment Hightop Wedge Wire knows that water is a scarce and limited resource and as such water treatment plants are […]

wedge wire for food and beverage

Wedge Wire for Food and Beverage

Wedge Wire for Food & Beverage The Food and Beverage Industry is the number one source of waste and by-products. The use of high […]