Wedge Wire for Mining and Mineral

wedge wire for mining and mineral

Wedge Wire for Mining & Mineral

Hebei HighTop provides wedge wire screens for all mining and mineral processing applications. We have a team committed to providing technical support for product and process improvement for overall plant efficiency.


  • Centrifuge Baskets
  • Customized Screens
  • Flat Panel Screens
  • Sieve Bands

Our centrifuge baskets can serve as liners for external support and also as self-supporting balanced baskets. Drainer or centrifuge baskets are also available. Abrasion resistant coating (hardened surface) is also offered and can be done by request.


  • Accurate Aperture
  • High Filtration Efficiency
  • Longer Life Duration

Sieve Screens for mineral processing plants:

  • Coal
  • Potash
  • Sand or gravel Taconite

We can customize flat panel screens to match any specified width and length requested by customers. All of our screens are made from high quality materials ensuring that our panels can meet and exceed the most demanding applications in the industry.