Wedge Wire for Food and Beverage

wedge wire for food and beverage

Wedge Wire for Food & Beverage

The Food and Beverage Industry is the number one source of waste and by-products. The use of high grade filtration equipment such as wedge wire screens help remove and filter solid waste by-products for recycling.

Benefits of Using Wedge Wire in the Food Industry:

  • Easy maintenance and low cost
  • Easy removal of solids through back flushing
  • Longer service life
  • Separation of liquid and solid waste for recycling
  • Stainless steel material prevents corrosion
v wire screen for food industry

Hebei HighTop Wedge Wire understands that each customer’s needs is different. We recommend that customers contact us with their processing requirements. We have a complete line of products that would suit your specification. We have served many industries including breweries, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals and refineries.

For specific designs and customization, our engineering team is available to help customers design and refine their requirements in any specified length, width and size. Our customer’s success is our success.