Wedge Wire Nozzle, Profile Wire Screen Nozzle

wedge wire screen nozzle profile nozzle

Wedge Wire Screen Nozzle – Profile Wire Screen Nozzle

Wedge wire nozzle also called profile wire screen nozzle, it has many important roles to play and is useful for filtration in various industries. Hebei HighTop wedge wire screen nozzle is primarily used as add-ons to filtering equipment in the water petrol resin industry. That said, nozzles are also used in various industries including: water treatment, sea water conversion to fresh water plants and food chemistry filtration.

This new type of filtration component is made from stainless steel material ensuring durability, and filtration precision starts from 20 microns. Nozzles are welded to the profile(s) on several connection areas to ensure stability.

wedge wire nozzle, Profile Wire Screen Nozzle
wedge wire filter nozzle

Wedge Wire Screen Nozzle Technical Specification:

No.TYPE (mm)OD (mm)ID (mm)Support wire NumberFilter direction
1HTP 25.425.418.612FOTI
2HTP 3333248FOTI
3HTP 3737288FOTI
4HTP 4040318/10FOTI/FITO
5HTP 45453610/12FOTI/FITO
6HTP 48483812FOTI/FITO
7HTP 60605112FOTI/FITO
8HTP 70706112/18FOTI/FITO
9HTP 85857618FOTI/FITO
10HTP 11011010124FOTI/FITO
11HTP 12012011124FOTI/FITO


  1. Customized materials according to client’s specification is allowed.
  2. Slot size should be a minimum of 0.020mm and less that 2500mm long.
  3. Different connectors for SS water treatment system filter nozzle is available.