Wedge Wire Mash Tun False Bottom Brew Kettle, Stainless Steel False Bottom

Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Mash Tun False Bottom

HighTop stainless steel wedge wire mash tun false bottom is composed of flat screen panels that provide a constant flow collection, critical in many industrial applications. Lauter tun / Mash tun false bottom is necessary especially when used in the beer brewing industry as these collect expensive mash particles. Wedge wire false bottom are virtually non-clogging, durable and have accurate open area, a characteristic important to all vessel types. For bigger vessel diameters, HighTop Wedge Wire Co. can fabricate grids in segments for easy installation.

Stainless Steel Wedge Wire Mash Tun False Bottom

Advantages of Wedge Wire Mash Tun False Bottom

  • Accurate separation of particles
  • Durability
  • High open area
  • Non-plugging surface
  • Self-supporting structure


  • Catalyst bed support
  • False bottoms
  • Ion exchange
  • Molecular sieve
  • Sand filters

Arrangement & Installation:

Mash tun wedge wire false bottom is available in pie-shaped section or parallel with each section resting on beams, bolted or fused to the subsequent screen. The connecting bars are either flush or projected beyond the screening area.

Structural supports are also available to reinforce the grid.

The stainless steel false bottom is available as part or bolted to the vessel’s screen grid.