About Us

Hightop wedge wire

Hebei Hightop Wedge Wire Co. is located in Hebei, China and one of the major manufacturers of wedge wire screens in the country. We supply various stainless steel wedge wire products and specializes- in the production of high grade, top quality industrial screens and sieves, filtration cylinders, wastewater screens and grilles as well as architectural wedge wire products for both local and international market.

At Hebei HighTop Metal Mesh Co., our principal objective is to meet and exceed our clients’ needs and the industry’s standard by providing cost effective, high quality products and excellent services tailored to meet precise technical requirements.  As one of the reliable manufacturers of wedge wire products, our company has the latest as well as the world’s best laser wielding processing and testing equipment with more than 30 sets. Some of the equipment that are available include:

  • U.S profile wire Screen Welding Machine
  • Japanese SINFONIA Automatic Welding System
  • TS Laser Welding System
  • Korean Plasma Welding Machine
  • German Full Mechanical Lengthened Laser Welding Machine

Hebei HighTop Metal Mesh Co. received the ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification resulting from the company’s persistence in research and development, quality control and concept innovation to meet our clients’ needs.  With years in the business, we have built and won our clients’trust resulting to a global market recognition for the company when it comes to top quality wedge wire products.