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Professional Wedge Wire Screen Manufacturer & Profile Wire Supplier

HighTop Metal Mesh is one of the most professional wedge wire screen manufacturers and suppliers in China, we focuses on designing only world class, high level quality wedge wire screens that meet our clients' needs. Advanced technological innovation, cost effective quality products and tailored services make us the number one choice for our clients.

  • Free Sample

    Hightop Metal Mesh produces only high quality wedge wire screen using the latest and advanced technologies to conform to the highest level of quality in the industry. Call or send us an email today to request for a sample for testing.

  • Design Drawing

    Our clients needs is our business. Send us a copy of the design or specification of your profile wire screen and we will work on it. Having trouble? Our experts are on hand; call or send us an email to discuss your products specification needs.

  • Recommend Products

    Knowing which product you need is important for your company's success. Our professional sales specialists have years of experience and can recommend and help you find the perfect wedge wire screens to meet your company's needs.

  • Customized Products

    We understand that our clients needs differ and at times might not fit the industrial standard. We offer customization services of wedge wire screen panels to help fulfill our clients requirements. Contact us today to learn how you can benefit from this service.